BEST PYTHON Fullstack Developer Course

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  • Posted Date : 17 Mar 2023
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Python is a very simple programming language. Regardless, it is a living language. Because there are no indentation rules, it is ideal for beginners. Java is a little more advanced, with such strict grammar that minor errors in the code cause the application to fail to run. Both Python and Java are cross-platform programming languages that run on nearly identical operating systems. Java is well-suited for programmes such as desktop graphical user interface (GUI) apps, mobile apps, enterprise solutions, embedded systems, and middleware products. Python is the best programming language for prototyping, machine learning, operating systems, game/graphic design, and image processing. According to Payscale, the average salary for a full stack java developer in India is INR 624,000, while the average salary for a Python full stack developer is INR 337, 037.

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