Admissions Open Enroll your child in early childhood education for the academic year 2024 and 2025 Ages 2 to 5

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Anantham School A Waldorf-Inspired Journey of Learning and Growth Our curriculum is carefully designed to engage the whole child, integrating subjects in a meaningful and interconnected way. Welcome to our child-centric, progressive institution where we blend Waldorf principles with local culture. Our supportive atmosphere fosters self-directed learning, engaging cognitive, emotional, and practical abilities harmoniously. Embracing life's natural rhythms, we cultivate rhythm, repetition, and reverence, creating an immersive environment rooted in nature with cotton, wool, wood, sand, and silk. We value parental involvement, encouraging a shared educational journey. Nurturing curiosity, creativity, and holistic development, we empower children to thrive. With a personalized approach, out students become confident, compassionate, and well-rounded individuals, ready to embrace the world's challenges. Join us in revolutionizing education for a brighter future.

Location : 1/271, Vee’S Vee 3rd main road, Sri Krishna Nagar, Natham Road, Thazhambur, Chennai -600130 , Chennai , Tamilnadu, 600130